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BFM is looking for dynamic, creative team players. If you like the challenge of working in a entrepreneurial environment where you are stimulated and challenged, please check out our open positions below to see if your background and experience would be a fit. Send your resume to, and indicate the position you're applying for.

Current Openings

1. Assistant Administrator Ad Traffic and Sales

BFM 89.9 is looking for an Assistant Administrator Ad Traffic and Sales. This role is to support the entire sales team in the efficient running of the ad traffic and sales operation.

  1. Enter sales orders into radio advertisement system (airwaves) and integrate airtime schedule with the radio broadcasting system (RCS).
  2. Ensure advertisements are successfully played on-air/online during appointed periods.
  3. Run advertisement reports for the management and support client requests for advertisement verification.
  4. Responding to and handling sales enquiries and referring these to the head of client services for further action.
  5. Handling client requests while the sales team is out of office.
  6. Maintain accurate records of all pricings, sales, and activity reports.
  7. Ensure payment of accounts receivables by clients in a timely manner.
  8. Support, co-ordinate and monitor sales team activities.
  9. Support, co-ordinate and monitor sales production activities.
  10. Understand company capabilities and service, and effectively communicate BFM’s positioning, aspirations and all its product offerings to the client.
  11. Provide high-level of professional sales administration and traffic management to the client and the sales team.

Interested and qualified candidates can send their CV to with the words 'Assistant Administrator Ad Traffic and Sales' in the Subject line.

2. Business Producer and Presenter

Do you have a passion for business and management issues, and at least ten years' experience in finance or financial journalism? We are looking for presenters and producers to anchor and produce our news and business programmes. The selection criteria is simple. Our listeners, business managers and professionals, must like, perhaps even love, you. Our business audience is not easy to please. They want a personality who is credible in business and financial matters. This means you need to know your CAGRs EBITDA and NTAs. Not that we are into jargon, but familiarity with the business terms of the world is a must.

Our business audience also wants a credible product. They are well travelled and well educated, so they can spot fakes a mile away. You should exude the values of BFM: professionalism, integrity and intellectual honesty.

Interested and qualified candidates can send their CV to with the words 'Business Producers and Presenters' in the Subject line.

3. Events Coordinator

The Events Coordinator will be responsible for the design, development and execution of all timely and relevant events which appeal to our listeners as well as entrepreneur-related programmes and outreach.

The role will encompass topic research, speaker acquisition, content development for new programmes and outreach. Our signature events include the Enterprise Breakaway and Innovation@Work.

The ideal candidate will have directly relevant experience in events and/or project management but also have the intellectual interest and capacity to develop innovative and engaging programmes from scratch. They will have the ability to engage and attract potential sponsors with exceptional content and speakers.

  1. Brainstorm ideas, and design programmes from inception to their execution into commercially viable events.
  2. Conceptualise the event by developing the programme, identifying the speakers, target audience and potential partners and sponsors within stipulated timelines.
  3. Plan and develop marketing campaign to promote events.
  4. Plan and manage the marketing and PR of events and entrepreneur programmes and outreach.
  5. Liaise with external partners and potential stakeholders.
  6. Manage event budget and costings.
  7. Liaise with the Sales team on business synergies.
  8. Lead the Events team from event inception to execution.

Interested and qualified candidates can send their CV to with the words 'Events Position' in the Subject line.

4. Broadcast Technician

BFM 89.9 is looking for an experienced broadcast technician. A degree is preferred but not required. Real world experience at a broadcast organisation is key.

Desired attributes include a proactive, team-oriented approach and the willingness to go the extra mile, as we are on the air around the clock. Familiarity with the RCS system is highly desirable.

  1. Check equipment to ensure it is operating properly (antennas, remote controls and auxiliary power units, for example
  2. Read schematics and technical drawings.
  3. Study reports and talk to equipment operators to get details of problems.
  4. Replace faulty wiring and terminals, and re-solder connections.
  5. Find and replace faulty assemblies and parts (such as capacitors, transistors, integrated circuits, printed circuit boards and transformers).
  6. Use electronic test equipment to check output power, frequency and modulation.
  7. Assist with building, installing and adjusting new equipment.
  8. Set up and operate portable field transmission outside studio.
  9. Monitor strength, clarity, and reliability of incoming and outgoing signals, and adjust equipment as necessary to maintain quality broadcasts.
  10. Set-up, operate, and maintain broadcast station computers and networks.

Interested and qualified candidates can send their CV to with the words 'Technician Candidate' in the Subject line.

5. Internships

If you're looking not only for solid work experience, but the opportunity to help make Malaysia a better place, then BFM 89.9 might be for you!

BFM interns don't make coffee or disappear into a copy room somewhere. They are fully integrated into Malaysia's only independent talk radio station from day one.

Interns for our signature Breakfast Grille Programme assist with financial and background research for high-profile interviews with Malaysia's top CEOs and opinion-makers. In the past they've undertaken special research projects, such as analysing BFM's coverage of education stories.

Other intern positions are tailored to the needs of the station, and fit the background, experience and interests of the intern. Examples might include a special project on micro sites, general production assistance for other business or arts/culture/health programming, or analysis of our sales strategy.

All potential applicants are strongly encouraged to listen to a range of BFM programming. Although the team is fun and work atmosphere casual, interns are expected to pull their weight. Desired intern attributes include, but aren't limited to: street smarts, a nose for good stories, persuasion skills, unbridled curiosity, a team spirit, a strong academic record, an analytical mind, punctuality and deadline orientation. Perks include frequent mamak visits with the team, opportunity to meet some of Malaysia's movers and shakers, non-stop snacks and a potential to make a difference.

To apply, send your CV to with the Subject line 'Internship Candidate'. In your cover letter, please specify the exact dates you would be available and indicate your top three preferences for programmes. Include why this content attracts you and what you can potentially contribute.

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