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The Future of Business

The Future of Business

The Future of Business

In our recently concluded Futurescapes webinar, we looked into the Futures of Finance, Movement, Skills and Leisure.

What was interesting about the Future of Finance was that our panelists collectively agreed that the awareness of digital finance is high among both consumers and businesses with SMEs joining the bandwagon. In fact, those who embraced digital financing have managed to survive the hardships caused by the pandemic while those who didn’t found themselves left behind. The only downside to digital financing is that issuers and providers themselves aren’t quite ready to embark on the journey due to compliance and regulatory hurdles. 

In the Future of Movement, the panelists see electrification taking centre stage in a big way in the next 10 years. They see drones solving all types of problems from agriculture to transportation. They picture the future of travel as sitting in a driverless plane or car. And the driving factor behind making all of these happen? Data. Data will play a huge role in seamlessly organised door-to-door travel in a cross mobility world. 

Bosses find that they don't have to push their staff to sign up for courses to reskill or upskill themselves; they're doing it willingly! That's because this health crisis has shown that we need to adapt and pivot when things go belly up. The assumption is that we do what we're trained to do but the panelists in the Future of Skills episode want people to realise that learning doesn't always have to happen in a controlled environment. In fact, we need to unlearn what we know and instead, learn how to learn again in order to improve ourselves.

"Revenge travel" is the order of the day in a post-pandemic world. That was the collective thought of our panelists in the Future of Leisure discussion. There will be a handful of nervous travellers but the majority of new travellers will be bolder in their choices, and will be on the lookout for options that make for an easy holiday. As such, the time is ripe for tech startups to explore where and how they can plug the gaps within the travel industry to make holidays fun and safe again.

We hope you found the Futurescapes webinar series insightful. From all of us here at BFM, we wish you well, and remember to adhere to the COVID-19 SOPs for a safer environment for all of us.

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