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Pest or Pest Control? The study of pig-tailed macaques in oil palm plantations

Dr Nadine Ruppert, Senior Lecturer and Zoologist, School of Biological Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM)

04-Nov-19 15:00


Pig-tailed macaques have a bad reputation as crop raiders, widely regarded as a pest in agricultural crops, including oil palm. But a new study shows they only cause only relatively minor losses in palm oil yield, and more importantly, they actively search for rats, a major oil palm pest. So are macaques acting as a biological pest control in oil palm plantations fringing their forest habitat? We speak to Dr Nadine Ruppert, a senior lecturer and zoologist at the School of Biological Sciences in Universiti Sains Malaysia, and the corresponding author for this study.

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Presented by: Juliet Jacobs

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