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29-Jun-18 Front Row
(2:00 PM)
Spatial Dramaturgy in the country’s ‘PULSE’
Carlos Garcia Estevez, director, Manifesto Poetico | Paige Allerton, assistant director, Manifesto Poetico
06-Jul-17 Front Row
(2:00 PM)
Dancing Puppets
Paula Rosolen, choreographer, Haptic Hide; | Lim Pei Ern, dancers | Lee Ren Xin, dancers
14-Mar-17 Front Row
(2:00 PM)
Playing with Therapy
Jeremy Ooi, Director | Arief Hamizan, Performer
19-Oct-16 Front Row
(2:00 PM)
Butoh Solo on Ruins
Taketeru Kudo, butoh artist
22-Sep-16 Front Row
(2:30 PM)
Dusk is the Time for Revelation
Nurshaidatul Ain binti Mohd Raizul, Lighters | Megat Abdul Malik bin Megat Joha, Lighters | Sharifuddin bin Salleh, Lighters
27-Jul-16 That Time Of Night
(8:00 PM)
Alfred Loh
Alfred Loh, Actor
22-Jul-16 Front Row
(2:00 PM)
Shakespeare in Songs
Ang Mei Foong, Artistic Director | Mak Chi Hoe, Singer | Andrew Filmer, Narrator
21-Jul-16 Front Row
(2:30 PM)
Two Creations
Ben J Riepe, Choreographer | Felizitas Stilleke Kleine, Dramaturg
02-Jun-16 Front Row
(2:00 PM)
Choreographing a Double Bill
Ming Low, Choreographer-dancer | Pit Fong Loh, Choreographer
20-Sep-13 Front Row
(2:00 PM)
Spirits Play
Lee Swee Keong | Tobias Wulff | Agung Gunawan
09-Sep-13 Front Row
(2:00 PM)
In a Space of Time
JS Wong | Cliff Huen

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