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Podcast > Weekend > Style File > Raya Style 2017: KREE

Raya Style 2017: KREE

Reni Diana, KREE | Qayyum Iskandar, KREE | Emma Chong Johnston, Managing Editor of ELLE Malaysia

20-May-17 12:00

‘Balik kampung’ — it’s a phrase that brings to mind the sunny countryside, old village houses and friendly people. It’s difficult to capture that feeling in a piece of clothing, but Reni Diana and Qayyum Iskandar of the modest fashion label KREE talk to us about how they did just that for one of their three new Raya collections. Inspired by the welcoming faces and sprawling landscapes of their kampung, KREE’s designs strike a balance between comfortable kampung-wear and modern urban pieces. Later, Emma Chong Johnston discusses Khaki with us, a style trend that can always be counted on to make a comeback.

Tags: Style File, KREE, Raya Style, Raya 2017, Khaki, Malaysian designers, Balik Kampung, Retail, Fashion, Luxury Goods, Culture, History, Heritage

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