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Podcast > The Bigger Picture > Health and Living > Women Better Protected Against Heart Disease Than Men

Women Better Protected Against Heart Disease Than Men

Assoc Prof Dr Tami Martino, University of Guelph, Canada

13-Oct-17 17:00

The Director of the Centre for Cardiovascular Investigations at University of Guelph talks about her recent study into why heart disease generally develops later in women than in men. She and her team found that female hormones protect the female heart during the sleep-wake cycle. This study paves the way into better understanding how shift work and jet lag can affect heart disease risks, and how treatment for heart disease could differ between the sexes.


Produced by: Tina Carmillia

Presented by: Tina Carmillia

Tags: The Bigger Picture, Health and Living, body clock, circardian rhythm, estrogen, heart disease, jet lag, shift work, Healthcare, Pharma, Biotech, Health


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