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A Mountain of a Task: A Government-Led Push for 'Innovation'

Dato' Dr KamalJit Singh , National Innovation Agency

12-Jan-12 02:57

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National Innovation Agency CEO Dato' Dr KamalJit Singh discusses:

- How innovation can be government-led;
- Whether examples exist where a global titan was created by a government;
- A (BCG) commissioned study's three key recommendations to boost innovation;
- 'Focused funding' - performance management system - comprehensive linkages within the innovation ecosystem;
- How the success or failure of his work can be measured;
- The programs it is running;
- Quick wins - long-term initiatives;
- Whether and Why he has encountered pushback in its plans;
- Reports of the resignation of technical advisor N Danaraj (who was in charge of putting together the National Innovation Policy);
- His desire to implement a competitive bidding system.  


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