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The Bigger Picture

  • Eclectic, energetic or eccentric.

  • The Bigger Picture relishes its role as the heart and soul of the station. Meera Sivasothy, Lim Soon Heng, Chua Ern Teck, Rhianne Boland, Tina Carmillia, and Juliet Jacobs delve into the human condition to find out what makes us tick. They speak with artists, environmentalists, medical experts and all manner of interesting people about the issues close to us, from education to refugee rights. Eclectic, energetic and a little eccentric, The Bigger Picture team brings you the latest thinking and research on that most fascinating subject: people.

The Bigger Picture
  • Front Row

    Don’t be afraid of the arts. You too can enjoy it! Don't believe us? Tune in to Front Row to find out about the best shows and exhibitions that will recharge your brain and restore your spirit, as told by the producers, performers and artists themselves.

  • Earth Matters

    Climate change, ferocious weather and ‘the haze’ are now part our everyday lives. How are our lifestyles connected to them, and what can we do about it? What does the economy have to do with it? Earth Matters engages with activists and experts to explore our changing relationship with the planet that we only borrow from our children.

  • Bookmark

    Our resident literary critic Umapagan Ampikaipakan not only blows dust off books by dead white men, he also roams among more current writers of all hues, often finding links between the written word and the word made film. After all, he's also a courter of the cinema.

  • Too Long;Should Read

    The Internet generation is constantly accused of collective ADHD and a correspondingly brief attention span. TL;SR challenges that notion by picking a long (or long-ish!) piece from the buffet of the world wide web and examining its themes and providing context, with weekly guests.

  • Live & Learn

    As the saying goes, something new every day. Listen to thought-provoking conversations with people who have something to share about their lives, about what connects heart, mind and soul, and values, culture and traditions.

  • Health & Living

    Wander and be enlightened by the endlessly fascinating inner universe that is the human body. We speak with experts, Nobel laureates, cancer survivors and healthcare workers who share their unique perspectives on wellness and living and the latest medical research.

Regular Guests

  • Dr. Johnben Loy

    Dr. Johnben Loy

    US Licensed Family and Marriage Therapist

    view website
  • Dr. Rajesh Singh

    Dr. Rajesh Singh

    Orthopaedic surgeon by trade, also a hand specialist who provides prosaic advice alongside entertaining anecdotes.

  • Dr. George Lee

    Dr. George Lee

    Consultant urologist

  • Rajiv Rishyakaran

    Rajiv Rishyakaran

    Bukit Gasing State Assemblyman

  • Dr. Rajini Sarvananthan

    Dr. Rajini Sarvananthan

    Consultant Developmental Paediatrician

  • Dr. Philip George

    Dr. Philip George

    Consultant Psychiatrist

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