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Preserve Your Brain And Upload It

Richard Bradbury | Arvindh Yuvaraj | Audrey Raj

14-Mar-18 13:00

On today’s edition of Enterprise Biz Bytes, Richard Bradbury, Arvindh Yuvaraj and Audrey Raj spoke about:


1:38 - A Startup Is Pitching A Mind-Uploading Service That Is “100 Percent Fatal”

9:36 - Elon Musk Hires ‘The Onion’ Staff For Comedy Project

13:48 - This Tiny Neurotracker Could Change The Way Brands Measure Engagement

23:37 - YouTube Limits Moderators To Viewing Four Hours Of Disturbing Content Per Day

30:26 - A New Kind Of Metal Grown In Tanks May Change The Way We Build Forever

Tags: Nectcome, MIT, brains, computer, Elon Musk, Comedy project, Neurotracker, Immersion Neuroscience, oxytocin, YouTube, Susan Wojcicki, wellness benefits, physiological toll, metal, Modumetal, Liquid tanks, Telecom, IT, Technology, Personal Development, Managerial Resources/Development, Entrepreneur Resources/Development, Technology news, reviews


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