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Marx in Malaysia

Yin Shao Loong, Institut Rakyat | Sivarajan Arumugan, Parti Sosialis Malaysia | Yuva Balan, Committee for a Workers' International | Ahmad Fuad Rahmat, Projek Dialog

23-Sep-15 22:00

As the world sees a rise in leftist politics, we take a look at the most venerable leftist of all, Karl Marx. But we will ground his ideas on a specifically Malaysian context: is he relevant for us? How should we come to terms with his call for a scientific socialism? What considerations and challenges should we keep in mind as we engage his work. Yin Shao Loong (Institut Rakyat) Sivarajan Arumugan (Parti Sosialis Malaysia) and Yuva Balan (Committee for a Workers' International) are the panelists. To the left, to the left?

Tags: Marx in Malaysia, Yin Shao Loong Institut Rakyat, Sivarajan Arumugan Parti Sosialis Malaysia, Yuva Balan Committee for a Workers' International, Leftist, Left-wing, Politics, Karl Marx, Marxism, Socialists, Socialism, Communism, Marxist theoryr, Capitalism, Malaysia, South-East Asia, Das Kapital, Current Affairs, Culture, Society, Modern, Contemporary, Science, Philosophy, Panel, Revolution, Change, Jeremy Corbyn, Labour Party, Class struggle, Economic collapse, Government, Marxist theory, Night School


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