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Night On Earth: Merdeka Remixed

She Fah Szetu | Azmyl Yunor | Goh Lee Kwong | Jessica Cho | Raouf Boutros Ghali

03-Sep-13 11:52

Starting at home we speak to four local musicians from various stylistic backgrounds and ask them to re-interpret the idea of a national anthem within their own musical vocabulary. This is not a remix of Negara Ku, but four original tracks that speak to a Malaysia of today.

For our global story we head to Egypt where we are reminded that Independence is not just declared, it is a continual struggle for self determination .
Egypt has a rich cosmopolitan history going back to the early nineteenth century and was seen as a pivotal center for learning and cultural tolerance, this image is in stark relief to the indiscriminate violence and upheaval that is currently taking place.

We speak to Raouf Boutros Ghali, brother of the former UN General Secretary, about the awakening of the Egyptian people and the challenges of peaceful coexistence.



Dan Lain-lain

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