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Geeks Squawk Ep 301

Jeff Sandhu | Matt Armitage, Kulturpop

26-May-17 10:00

Geeks Squawk Ep 301

The geeks talk about the brain eating itself after chronic sleep deprivation, a 94-year-old professor who develops a longer-lasting battery, our brains preferring invented visual information to real information, Google’s AlphaGo AI defeating the world’s best human Go player, Ke Jie, Matt’s King of the Crowd featuring RompHim, a romper specially designed for men, healthy mice being produced from sperm frozen in space, the truth the whole truth and nothing like the truth, and how much $100 of bitcoin from 7 years ago is worth today.

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Tags:  brain eating itselfsleep deprivationlonger-lasting batteryGoogle's AlphaGo AIKe Jie#KOTC#kingofthecrowdRompHimromper for men$100 bitcointech talkgeeks squawkkulturpopenterpriseProfessional ServicesTelecom, IT, TechnologyManagerial Resources/DevelopmentEntrepreneur Resources/DevelopmentTechnology news, reviews

Dan Lain-Lain

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