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31-Jan-19 Night School
(9:01 PM)
Beria-ia, Pasrah, Selamba, dll (The Trying Game #11)
Haniff Baharudin
24-Jan-19 Night School
(9:01 PM)
Horror and Culture
Jamaluddin Aziz
17-Jan-19 Night School
(9:01 PM)
Teh Chi Chang
10-Jan-19 Night School
(9:01 PM)
In Daya Need (The Trying Game #10)
Haniff Baharudin
03-Jan-19 Night School
(9:01 PM)
The Psychology of Music
Cheah Yi Ting
27-Dec-18 Night School
(9:12 PM)
A Hati Party (The Trying Game #9)
Haniff Baharudin
06-Dec-18 Night School
(9:12 PM)
Socialism Again and Forever
Sivarajan Arumugam
29-Nov-18 Night School
(9:11 PM)
The Freedom of Limits
Aiman Abu Bakar, Boxer
22-Nov-18 Night School
(9:11 PM)
The Self: Between Experimentation and Preservation
Sandy Clarke, author
19-Nov-18 Night School
(8:11 PM)
On Globalization and Cultural Identities
Jean-Christophe Rufin, author, historian, doctor and diplomat
15-Nov-18 Night School
(9:11 PM)
Getting Over Yourself
Sandy Clarke, author
08-Nov-18 Night School
(9:11 PM)
Accepting Love Together (The Trying Game #8)
Haniff Baharudin
01-Nov-18 Night School
(9:11 PM)
The Personal is Global
Cora Knoblauch
25-Oct-18 Night School
(9:10 PM)
Gerontology 101
Karuna Sarah Thomas
18-Oct-18 Night School
(9:10 PM)
Post-Coital Sadness
Vizla Kumaresan, Clinical Psychologist
11-Oct-18 Night School
(9:10 PM)
Enmeshment, Blackmail, Gaslighting
Eugene Tee

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