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18-Jul-24 开门见商
(5:00 PM)
11-Jul-24 开门见商
(5:00 PM)
04-Jul-24 开门见商
(5:00 PM)
Incite Innovations 中小企业数位转型的好帮手
27-Jun-24 开门见商
(5:00 PM)
Entomal Biotech 新形态生物科技 利用「环保昆虫」解決垃圾问题
20-Jun-24 开门见商
(5:00 PM)
Neo Livin 线上家具平台 用简约风格勇闯市场
13-Jun-24 开门见商
(5:00 PM)
06-Jun-24 开门见商
(5:00 PM)
30-May-24 开门见商
(5:00 PM)
靠酒精蛋糕創出一片天? Cake Tella 竟從媽媽廚房開始
23-May-24 开门见商
(5:00 PM)
Popalloon 拧出新花样,为市场创下新商机
16-May-24 开门见商
(5:00 PM)
企业所得税?销售服务税?低价值商品(LVG)销售税? 各个税务压得企业透不过气?
09-May-24 开门见商
(5:00 PM)
02-May-24 开门见商
(5:00 PM)
行销活动成公关危机? 富贵赞助黄明志是成功案例?
25-Apr-24 开门见商
(5:00 PM)
18-Apr-24 开门见商
(5:00 PM)
Second Life Asia给电子商品重生的机会
04-Apr-24 开门见商
(5:00 PM)
21-Mar-24 开门见商
(5:00 PM)

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Today’s Shows

6:00 AM

The 6AM Stretch

7:00 AM

World Market Watch

Jack Kouzi, Director for Strategy, VFS Group

7:15 AM

Morning Brief

7:30 AM

Morning Brief

Gary Ng, APAC Economist, Natixis

7:45 AM

Top Story

Indrani Thuraisingham, Vice President of Federation of Malaysian Consumers Associations (FOMCA)

8:00 AM

The Breakfast Grille

Lawrence Tiong Lee Chian, Managing Director, Farm Price

8:30 AM

Morning Brief

Alissa Rode, Senior Manager, Research, Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs (IDEAS)

8:45 AM

Morning Brief

9:00 AM

Opening Bell

[REPLAY] Jack Kouzi, Director for Strategy, VFS Group

9:15 AM

Opening Bell

Daniel Wong, Analyst at Hong Leong Investment Bank

9:35 AM

The Property Show

Chan Ai Cheng, Immediate Past-President, Malaysian Institute of Estate Agents

10:05 AM

Open For Business

Madiha Fuad, Founder and CEO, PlusVibes

11:00 AM

The Workplace


12:00 PM

Enterprise Explores

Alan See, Co-Founder and CEO, FIRMUS

1:00 PM

The Breakfast Grille Repeat

Dr. Lawrence Tiong Lee Chian, Managing Director, Farm Price

2:05 PM

Discovery Hour

By The Book: Children’s Book Club - Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone; Lana Sofia Pointon

3:05 PM

Earth Matters

Kita Semua Anak Rimba; Abyan Junus-Nishizawa and Farah Landemaine, Co-founders, Anak Rimba Books

4:05 PM

Health & Living

Secrets Cost Lives: How Transparency Can Improve Access to Medicines; Roz Scourse, Policy Advisor, MSF Access Campaign

5:00 PM

Top 5 at 5

6:00 PM

Good Things

We Are All Different Learners - The Story of The Inclusive Outdoor Classroom; Anne Sivanathan, Founder, The Inclusive Outdoor Classroom (IOC)

7:00 PM

Made In Malaysia

Savouring Sarawak’s Indigenous Cuisine; Karen Yap, Chef Host of Ethnic Sarawak Night

8:00 PM

Cruise Control

Daniel Fernandez, Managing Editor,

10:00 PM

The Pulse