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School of Life

Manoush Zomorodi


Stock Market Investing - Key Lessons and Common Mistakes

Dato' Hamidah Naziadin, CEO, CIMB Foundation | Raymond Gabriel, Executive Director, GEM Systems


Finding The Silver Lining

Sheila Singam, Founder of Human Equation


The Bezos Letters: 14 Principles to Grow Your Business LIke Amazon

Steve Anderson


5 Methods for Improving Staff Performance

Jeevan Sahadevan, Leverage Labs


The Daily Digest: Is Adulting Hard?

Helen Langhammer, co-founder, iFix@homeHelen Langhammer, co-founder, iFix@home


Mengaji Seni

Amir Jahari, Pondok Seni


Funky Pencils

Fiqa Chong | Nini Zuraina


5 Lessons Most People Learn Way Too Late In Life

Richard Bradbury | Freda Liu | Arvindh Yuvaraj


ROCKS Rewind 2018 - Lessons Learned & Trends For 2018

Hui Mathews | Fong Wai Hong | Sungkyu Chang


LeaderShift: 11 Essential Changes Every Leader Must Embrace

John C. Maxwell


Why Couples Draw Up Prenups

The Morning Run Crew


Leadership Lessons from Joan of Arc

Roshan Thiran, CEO, Leaderonomics


18 Questions for an Incredible Review of your 2018

Jeevan Sahadevan, Leverage Lab


Leadership Lessons from Genghis Khan

Roshan Thiran, CEO , Leaderonomics


Moving Forward with Agility

Jamie Andrew, Quadruple Amputee, Mountaineer, Motivational speaker


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Tan Bin Ru, Southeast Asia CEO, OneConnect Financial Technology

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Doctor in the House: Malaysians Are Getting Older, But What Are We Doing About It?

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