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Why We Fail To Scale Globally

Greg Meehan, Supahands


Can Gyms Evolve To Survive And Thrive?

Simon Flint, Group CEO, Evolution Wellness


Why We Need Gyms To Remain Open

Kamal Hezry, Operator, F45 Training KL Gateway


Supporting The Growth Of The Malaysian Fitness Industry

Jerrican Tan, FITM


Young Athletes and Weekend Warriors – What Are Their Cardiovascular Risks?

Dato’ Seri Dr Jeffrey Jeswant Dillon, Senior Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon


Be Fit Malaysians #20: Training Athletes in the New Normal

Dr Harjeet Singh, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon | Dr Malini Karupiah, Sports Physician, Hospital Serdang


MCO Making Fitness Gomad

Ngow Fei Fei, Co-Founder of Gomad Bootcamp


How Millennials Killed The Gym


What Virtual Events Have You Been Attending Over The Last Few Months?

Karen Loh, Race Director for the Malaysian Women’s Marathon (MWM)


Failing Forward 07: Product-Market Fit

Keong Chun Chieh , Founder of IGL Coatings | Renuka Sena, Proficeo


A Different Way To NourishMe

Alexandra Prabaharan and Marissa Parry, NourishMe


Fit To Flex Again

Kamal Hezry , F45


The Future of Gym Operators


Be Fit Malaysians #18: Athletic Performance Amidst A Pandemic

Dr Harjeet Singh, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon


Voice of SMEs - Daily Muscle

Noel Chelliah, Chief Exercise Officer at Daily Muscle


Voice of SMEs - Ministry of Burn

Janell Tan, General Manager of Ministry of Burn


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