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08-May-20 Front Row
(12:30 PM)
#stayathome with NamahSTAY & Ladysmith Black Mambazo
15-Sep-16 Front Row
(2:00 PM)
A Cappella by Four
The 4 Of Us, acapella group
25-Feb-16 Front Row
(2:00 PM)
About A Girl Named Aisya
Tapestry Singers | Michael Voon
09-Oct-15 Front Row
(2:30 PM)
Simply Sean and Singing Soulmate
Sean Ghazi, Singer | Ida Mariana, Singer
30-Jan-15 Front Row
(2:30 PM)
February Love Unaccompanied
Teoh Zheat-Huei, Summer Singers A Cappella Band | Cheak Wan Si, Summer Singers A Cappella Band | Serene Tan, Summer Singers A Cappella Band
10-Jan-14 Front Row
(2:00 PM)
Golden Voices In Synch
Rahim Ismail, The Seasons 4 | Ezani Abu Bakar, The Seasons 4
27-Nov-13 Front Row
(2:00 PM)
Black Voices
Carol Pemberton, Black Voices | Shereece Storrod, Black Voices
18-Jul-13 Front Row
(2:00 PM)
Stereo & Popcorn
Charity Lee, Tapestry | Jason Voon, Tapestry

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