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Podcast > Enterprise > Raise Your Game > Discovering Your Life's Purpose Series - #3 "The Myths of Ambition"

Discovering Your Life's Purpose Series - #3 "The Myths of Ambition"

Joseph Tan, Good Monday Consulting

17-Sep-13 14:17

In "Discovering Your Life's Purpose" series, the past two sessions covered the 'Awareness of Life Roles' and the 'Awareness of Talents'. Part three focuses on the 'Awareness of Distractions'. The trouble for most of us is not an issue of under-achievement, rather it is over-achievement because we are trained since young to be balanced and holistic, so we know a little bit of everything - leading to the situation whereby, we are a Jack/Jill of all trades but master of none. Patrick Morley's definition of failure - "succeeding in things that do not matter" is a poignant reminder that being busy and ambitious may not necessarily indicate a life of meaning and purpose. 

Tags: , Personal Development, Managerial Resources/Development, Entrepreneur Resources/Development



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