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Podcast > Evening Edition > When We Last Left Our Heroes > Episode #4: Who Watches the Watchmen? (When We Last Left Our Heroes)

Episode #4: Who Watches the Watchmen? (When We Last Left Our Heroes)

Annalisa Di Liddo

12-May-15 20:00

The Golden Age superheroes were pure escapist fantasies, a response to the great depression, they were modern day Gods who were motivated by altruism and an overwhelming desire to do good. They were characters that were aspirational. The were supposed to be the best of us. And, for the better part of a decade, they thrived. But in the 60s, everything changed. There was a stagnation in the art form. And the superhero needed a revival. Along came the postmodern superhero; a more naturalistic style of character with human failings, fears, and inner demons. This was the new wave.

Now in crafting the postmodern superhero narrative, there is but one undisputed master: Alan Moore. Miracleman, V for Vendetta, Promethea, Watchmen, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. The vast and varied works of Alan Moore are nothing less than landmarks in the history of comic books.

On this episode of When We Last Left Our Heroes, Umapagan Ampikaipakan, along with Annalisa Di Liddo, take an in depth look at the postmodern superhero, at the canonical work of Alan Moore, and how it inspires and intersects with contemporary popular culture.

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