BFM's Women Entrepreneurship Day 2022

BFM's Women Entrepreneurship Day 2022

BFM's Women Entrepreneurship Day 2022

People, Planet, Profit - Female In The Forefronts

Here’s a short recap of their insights on being a woman entrepreneur: 

Nadira Yusoff from Kiddocare

  • Only be an entrepreneur if you’re comfortable with making sacrifices, but don’t be an entrepreneur if you don’t like eating by yourself! 

  • Women should start producing tech because most startups come up with an idea without having the underlying tech to support it. 

  • It is important to create a community of women CTOs as building a business is already difficult, and having a support system for tech talents will help ease your burden.

Rina Neoh from Ficus Capital 

  • Venture Capitalists do not look to invest in businesses with a ‘heartbeat’ growth, rather they look for businesses with consistent and high growth. 

  • Women need to be more confident when it comes to pitching growth for the business. 

  • It’s important to make sure you care for the basic things such as the people around you and the planet. If you can’t look after the basic things, how are you going to look after your company?

Anabelle Co-Martinent from Phuture Foods

  • Be an entrepreneur only if you can endure hardship especially when the going gets tough. Once you make the first step, there is no turning back.

  • Passion is one thing but you also need to make ends meet. You need to make the numbers and this can only come with maturity and experience.

  • Use the money that you earned and venture into new businesses and new growth with the formula that you know worked in the past. 

We hope the recap is useful as we continue to empower women to achieve greater heights.