Cybersecurity Risks and Prevention During Digital Transformation

Cybersecurity Risks and Prevention During Digital Transformation

Cybersecurity Risks and Prevention During Digital Transformation

In our recent Cybersecurity Risks and Prevention During Digital Transformation webinar, we spoke to industry experts about the nature of cybersecurity in 2022 and why it’s important for businesses to stay protected.

Financial gain is still the number one reason behind cyber attacks. Malicious parties attempt this through different tools including data theft, malware, ransomware, and various forms of phishing attacks. Email remains a highly vulnerable access point because of its widespread use.

A common piece of advice from across the board was to adopt a zero trust security policy at all times. While it’s normal to assume that cyber threats originate from external sources, it’s not uncommon for hackers or proxies for hackers to be employees within a company. It is therefore important to implement authentication mechanisms to ensure the safety and integrity of a company’s digital infrastructure.

Zero trust also includes proper online behaviour and etiquette. This means understanding the nature of phishing attacks, avoiding unidentified emails and attachments, and staying off uncertified websites. Modern internet browsers are also capable of alerting users of suspicious activity.

While proper cybersecurity solutions are extremely important, basic security measures can go a long way. Regularly changing passwords, using different passwords for different applications, and implementing multi-factor authentication (MFA) are just some of the simple yet effective ways to keep online threats at bay.

Cybersecurity training is essential when creating a culture of awareness and accountability at the workplace. However, employees must be constantly updated on new threats, technologies, and solutions in this space. The most important step is to understand a company’s vulnerabilities and fix them before they’re made visible to potential attackers.

With the right approach, businesses can ensure smooth, uninterrupted operations while creating a safe environment for everyone involved.

We hope you found this webinar on cybersecurity insightful. From all of us here at BFM, we wish you well, and remember to adhere to the COVID-19 SOPs for a safer environment for all of us.