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01-Sep-15 Asia On The Move
(9:35 AM)
Redesigning Education
Speakers from the National Institute of Education Singapore Conference
25-Aug-15 Asia On The Move
(9:35 AM)
Shoes + Wearable Technology
Krispian Lawrence
18-Aug-15 Asia On The Move
(9:35 AM)
Prospects In Medical Devices
Prof Dr Hiroshi Nakamura
11-Aug-15 Asia On The Move
(9:35 AM)
Binding Tradition
Winnie Chan
04-Aug-15 Asia On The Move
(9:35 AM)
Future of Singapore
Dr Ooi Kee Beng
28-Jul-15 Asia On The Move
(9:35 AM)
Swarming The World
Pulkit Jaiswal
27-Jul-15 Asia On The Move
(9:35 AM)
English For Migrants
Valerie Pang, SDI Academy Singapore
21-Jul-15 Asia On The Move
(9:35 AM)
Impacting Communities In India
Mayukh Choudhury, Co-Founder, Milaap India
14-Jul-15 Asia On The Move
(9:35 AM)
Money in Bali Cashews
Aaron Fishman
07-Jul-15 Asia On The Move
(9:35 AM)
Dedicated School for the Arts-Inclined
Lim Geok Cheng
30-Jun-15 Asia On The Move
(9:35 AM)
Design Education for Singaporean Children
Masayo Ave
23-Jun-15 Asia On The Move
(9:35 AM)
Land of Kimchi and K­pop Stars
Lee Il Houng
16-Jun-15 Asia On The Move
(9:35 AM)
China's Encroaching Interests in Myanmar
Nicholas Farrelly
09-Jun-15 Asia On The Move
(9:35 AM)
Uncertain Taiwan
David Hong
02-Jun-15 Asia On The Move
(9:35 AM)
Learning From Israel
Dr Yesha Sivan
26-May-15 Asia On The Move
(9:35 AM)
Educating Poor Indonesians
Veronica Colondam, Founder, YCAB Indonesia

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