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19-Jul-19 Open For Business
(10:07 AM)
Democratizing Data
Deviga Doreraja, The Tenth Floor
19-Jul-19 The Breakfast Grille
(8:07 AM)
Facebook Community Standards Guide To Self-Regulation
Nicole Tan, Country Director, Facebook Malaysia
19-Jul-19 The 6AM Stretch
(6:07 AM)
FaceApp Users Face Privacy Concerns
The Morning Run Crew
18-Jul-19 Enterprise Biz Bytes
(12:07 PM)
What does big tech know about you? Basically everything.
Richard Bradbury | Jeff Sandhu | Arvindh Yuvaraj
10-Jul-19 Enterprise Biz Bytes
(12:07 PM)
Managing Money Better With Tech
Richard Bradbury | Audrey Raj | Arvindh Yuvaraj
04-Jul-19 Enterprise Biz Bytes
(12:07 PM)
This Is How Your Life Looks To A Computer
Richard Bradbury | Jeff Sandhu | Arvindh Yuvaraj
03-Jul-19 Open For Business
(10:07 AM)
Trusted Healthcare Advice At Your Fingertips
Joanne Seaton, DoctorDB
01-Jul-19 Enterprise Biz Bytes
(12:07 PM)
How Online Shopping Sites Trick You Into Buying Things You Don’t Want
Richard Bradbury | Freda Liu | Audrey Raj
26-Jun-19 Enterprise Biz Bytes
(12:06 PM)
Google’s Data-less Employee Mental Health Project
Richard Bradbury | Freda Liu | Arvindh Yuvaraj
26-Jun-19 The Breakfast Grille
(8:06 AM)
Oracle Re-Learning Smarts in Vicious Cloud Wars
Cherian Varghese, Regional Managing Director and Vice President of ASEAN & SAGE, Oracle
24-Jun-19 Raise Your Game
(11:06 AM)
Relationship Power At Work
Ric Lindberg, Analytical Advisor
18-Jun-19 Enterprise Biz Bytes
(12:06 PM)
The Psychology of Self-Tracking
Richard Bradbury | Audrey Raj | Jeff Sandhu
14-Jun-19 Tech Talk
(11:06 AM)
Geeks Squawk EP392
Matt Armitage, Kulturpop
12-Jun-19 Evening Edition
(5:06 PM)
Paying Users For Data
Matt Armitage, Kulturpop | Foong Cheng Leong, Malaysian Bar Committee on Personal Data Protection
11-Jun-19 Enterprise Biz Bytes
(12:06 PM)
Would You Pay A Premium For A Privacy Focused Web Browser?
Richard Bradbury | Audrey Raj | Arvindh Yuvaraj
30-May-19 Tech Talk
(11:05 AM)
Cleaning Up The Data Economy
Mike Davie, CEO of Quadrant

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